Re³ Church (pronounced re-three) seeks to redefine the Christian experience. We believe that restoration happens through the church. That religion is a lot less about rules and more about relationships, with God and others. Our community isn’t made up of just individuals, but distinct mission-focused “Re:Groups” that reach out to their neighbors, both locally and globally, to share the Gospel. We believe firmly that people make up The Church, not buildings, or budgets, or even leaders. When believers work together in sincere worship and genuine community to accomplish the mission of God, they are The Church.


Project:Re³ is a mission-based 501C3 non-profit ministry. The people who make up Project:Re³ love The Church, but seek more than just Sunday morning worship and lukewarm religion that values personal comfort over Christian discipleship. 


1) Accountability and Connectedness

We commit ourselves to each other. God did not intend for us to be alone!  We value mission and ministry done in the sense of community in a spirit of love and fellowship. We value free, committed, loving, and accountable friendships. We value teamwork and seek to share of life at every level with trusted friends who are an extension of the grace and presence of God in our lives.

2) Biblical Justice
We need to take a stand against all kinds of evil in the world. All sin and injustice is the enemy of the church and the kingdom of God. In the kingdom, we find ultimate justice. It’s just not punishment for wrongdoing and oppression. It is also the restoration of wholeness, equality, and peace between people and with God. Our value of justice is a call to seek the value of every person in our city and in the world that we can influence.

3) Empowerment
We believe and affirm in the Priesthood of all believers. Each person who has given his or her life in surrender to Jesus and His cause has a unique calling from Jesus to fulfill in mission and in the church. We believe this is only possible by the empowering Spirit of God living in and working through each and every believer. Therefore we work towards empowering each and every believer to hear and fulfill the calling of Jesus on his or her life. This value of empowerment is expressed in all spiritual gifts and callings for all people regardless of race, gender, or age for the sake of Jesus’ mission and for the equipping of all believers towards their spiritual maturity.

4) Humility
We believe Jesus lived a life of humility; therefore we strive to live a life of humility.  Even in all our relationships and leadership roles,  Project:Re³ seeks to be a flexible learning organization, looking always to refine our commitments and expand our understanding and revelation of God and His call upon us.

5) The Lost
We believe the good news of the kingdom is the most important “commodity” with which The Church and the people of God have been entrusted. For this reason, we will engage the spiritually lost. We believe that The Church should not expect lost people to come and find them, but that we are called and sent to “seek and save that which was lost.” This is our first and most important task, even in our ministry to the poor (who could be considered the spiritually poor). Spreading The Good News of God is our top concern.

6) The Needy
We believe in a Christ-centered ministry to the needy. It is our conviction that God is always on the side of those who have no one on their side. For that reason, we believe the church should also stand on the side of the poor and the oppressed, and in so doing stand in solidarity with the heart and work of God. Jesus’ own ministry is our model. It is our belief that the church should prioritize, bless, and remember those who have less, and access to less so that we emphasize that all humans are loved and valued equally in the eyes of God.

7) Passion and Commitment
We believe in a lifestyle characterized by passionate sacrificial love. With Jesus as our model, we want our lives to be characterized by a passion, that no matter the cost, will:

  • Move us deeper into a relationship with God.
  • Maintains a high level of dedication in all we do for Him.
  • Values suffering and sacrifice.

We see Jesus’ willingness to suffer for the lost and the hopeless as a model for all who would come after Him, and that we likewise are to take up our cross and to walk the way of suffering, joy, and ultimate redemption. We are convinced that the clearest expression of the gospel is love, and that love is forever re-defined by Jesus in His death for us. We are committed to the kind of radical faith that means we are ready and willing to suffer and sacrifice for Jesus, His name, and His kingdom.

8) Prayer and Dependence on God
We believe in prayer and dependence on God. We commit ourselves to live a prayer-oriented life because only God can accomplish what He calls us to do and God should receive the glory. For this reason, we believe the church should be committed to praying for the world, the coming of the kingdom, and a deeper revelation of God. We value constant prayer because:

  • We desire to know God, to deepen our understanding and revelation of his love for us and the world.
  • We believe we are all called to the ministry of intercession and we want to see his kingdom come.
  • We need the Lord of the harvest to send us and other laborers in to the harvest field.

9) Sharing and Generosity
Because we value a spirit of “community”, we commit ourselves to both sharing and giving to believers and unbelievers alike. In sharing what we have with others we confess that God is the true owner and that we are only stewards in His vineyard. Following the example of Christ’s sacrifice at the Cross, we are called to sacrifice as well. We encourage our people to give as often and as generously as they can and to consider themselves stewards of the rest. Likewise, the collective finances of the church and ministries are used to advance the mission of Project:Re³.

10) The Whole World
While we understand that our most transforming ministry will take place where we are planted and in our own city, we commit ourselves to the mission of God to reach the whole world. We believe that Jesus came as the Savior, not of one person, but of the whole world. Project:Re³ assumes responsibility for the world, not because we believe we can reach it alone, but because we accept the mandate of the Great Commission and the heart of God to love and sacrifice for the discipleship of the whole world. 


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1) Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit

  • In one true God who exists in three persons; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • God the Father is infinite, perfect in holiness, wisdom, power and love.
  • The Father saves everyone who will come to Him, through Jesus Christ, from sin and death.
  • Jesus Christ was truly human and truly God.
  • That Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin.
  • In His sinless life, miracles and teachings.
  • Jesus died, was buried, was bodily resurrected and ascended into heaven.
  • The Holy Spirit lives inside every believer of Jesus Christ.
  • The Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin, righteousness and judgment.
  • In the ongoing ministry of the Holy Spirit and the exercising of fruits of the Spirit.

2) The Bible

We believe all Scripture is given by God and is without error. We trust the authority, reliability and truth of all Scripture. In humility, we acknowledge we do not fully understand God and the world He made. For that reason we rely on the Bible to be the rule of our faith, teaching us what we do not know, challenging and leading us away from our misconceptions, self deceptions, and convenient ideas about life and God. We don’t choose the parts of the Bible we prefer or want to believe, obey or understand; instead we submit to all of Scripture believing it reveals the truth that is beyond us. We believe that Jesus is the word of God and for that reason we don’t just obey Scripture, we love it. Because, like a mirror it shows us who we really are, and like a window it opens our lives to the beauty, wonder, and love of the God we long to know.

3) Salvation

We believe that all people sin and have incurred a “sin debt” that separates them from the one true holy God. God is a God of justice but also of mercy. We believe that God provided a way for the forgiveness of sin through Christ’s sacrifice at the Cross. We have a choice to accept Christ’s sacrifice as atonement for our sin and thereby be reconciled to God in this life and in the next.


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